The Gold Coast Art School

For those that want to, but don't believe they can.

Beginner Foundation Classes

This now eighteen week program will teach you the basic principles of drawing and painting in realistic manner. We feel that being able to paint and draw in a realistic manner is the cornerstone upon which all other painting styles are based. You will find that most of the worlds best abstract painters are brilliant realists too.

By understanding "principles" rather than techniques, you will soon discover that there is no difference between drawing a portrait, or a landscape. Naturally some techniques do come into the course and you are sure to benefit by them.

You will also discover that no matter what medium you are using, the principles remain the same and its only the application that varies between different media.

Initially, the pencil course preceded the oil painting course, but this has changed to combine the two in unison. This has proved to be highly successful, with the results so far being outstanding.

Using pencil and oils, you will cover such subjects as:

Proportion and Composition

How to see shapes and transfer them to the paper or canvas in an accurate manner. How to see your mistakes and correct them. Be taught how to use:

  • Negative spaces
  • Lines of reference
  • Units of measure

Right brain thinking

How we can turn on the "right brain" - our creative, intuitive and artistic side. We all have creative ability! In the deep and mysterious right side of our brain, lies waiting yet unpainted gems ... However, the right brain, like any other part of the body, needs to be exercise to work at its fullest potential.


Understanding the use of tone. Tonal edges. Simultaneous contrast. Finding mid tones (Pyles Law).

Gesture drawing

Gesture as a preliminary drawing. Gesture as art.

Colour theory, and colour mixing

This is an important subject we cover in depth. By understanding the theory of colour, you will be taught to mix any colour as you see it in front of you. We have perfected a simple method of teaching this subject, which is easy to understand, yet will have amazing results in all of your future paintings.

After seventeen weeks your confidence will be at a new high and you'll be able to move onto the next stage of this wonderful journey.

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