The Gold Coast Art School

For those that want to, but don't believe they can.

Milada Theron


I was born in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa and migrated to Australia in 1998.

I’ve painted since childhood and was awarded an Art Bursary which allowed me to study Art as part of my Bachelor of Education Degree. While studying I worked part-time as an illustrator; illustrating several series of children’s educational books. Once qualified and teaching, I wrote, illustrated and had my own series of educational workbooks published.

I joined the Gold Coast Art School in 2003 where I have received much guidance and inspiration from my teacher and friend, Tony Champ. I have been exhibiting and selling paintings since 2004. I am also kept busy with requests for commissioned works and have completed a growing number of these.

I am able to paint in a range of styles with realism being my predominant style. I work in oils and acrylic and love the way oils allow the artist to blend and move colours around on the canvas and the richness and depth of colour they provide. I also enjoy building up textured and multi layered works which are more expressive and dynamic. I strive to create works that are original, exciting and elicit an emotional response from the viewer. Like most art, what I create is an extension and representation of my own life, thoughts and experiences. I paint subjects I’m strongly drawn to with my main interests being wild life, sailing boats, seascapes and the human form, including portraiture.